Who we are

Advocacy | Digital | Lobbying

Adl Consulting S.r.l. SB, is a strategic consulting, public affairs, and institutional communication firm specializing in lobbying, advocacy, and political data management.


Since 2012, we have supported data driven decision-making in the sector, promoted the methodology of #DigitalLobbying with structured information and exceptional quality standards.


Additionally, our efforts have been focused on the creation of a greater awareness in the profession, through a concrete commitment in advanced professional training.


In April 2021, ADL Consulting revised its statutes to transition into a Benefit Corporation, actively participating in and advocating for the transformative changes impacting every sector of activity.


This initiative led to enhancing and broadening the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into the sphere of institutional relations. Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) goes beyond and extends the concept of CSR, serving as a catalyst and an enabling factor for organizations aiming to establish authoritative positions with decision-makers. It leverages an ethical commitment to transparency and the cultivation of a robust reputation.