Who we are

Advocacy | Digital | Lobbying

Adl Consulting is an advisory, public affairs and institutional communication firm, specialized in lobbying activities, advocacy and change management. Since 2012 we have been fostering data-based decision-making and promoting Digital Lobbying methodology within the field, with the support of structured information and institutional dashboards. 

We are specialized in the design and management of digital platforms essential for organizing and sharing information within large organizations in a clear and systematic manner, as well as for the analysis of relationships developed over time, for the management of multiple information sources and for the building of structured interpersonal networks. 

We offer regulatory and institutional advisory services aimed at understanding all the risks and opportunities related to the decisions of policy makers through the analysis of the EU, national and regional legislative framework regarding the specific business sector of the organization.

Our monitoring service leads the customer in all his needs for in-depth analysis of the regulatory process and in the management of normative sources at different institutional levels.

We support the Client in defining integrated offline and online communication strategies aimed at enhancing their image and strengthening their positioning towards stakeholders and institutions.

We carry out quantitative analysis and thematic insights on concepts and topics shared with the Client, and we organize conferences and events for the presentation of the emerged contents, both online and offline.

We develop and manage training courses devoted to public affairs and communication specialists, inspired by the latest principles of social sciences (framing, nudge theory, gamification, decision psychology, etc.).

We support change management through the culture of work and results, creating the conditions so that – in compliance with the founding values of democracy and with the laws – a managerial community is set up to spread that ethical drive that lies in the “strength of the team” oriented to the growth of people of the company they belong to and of society as a whole.