Many organizations do not measure, and therefore do not manage, relations with stakeholders (political decision makers, opinion makers, journalists, etc.), thus ignoring risks, but also opportunities.

Managing internal and external relations within the company is a competitive differentiating factor that helps organizations to implement the most effective strategy to achieve their goals.

 The application of innovative digital technologies to the Public Affairs sector actually increases the ability of organizations to make fast and effective decisions based on a scientific approach and measurable indicators.

 KMIND® is the first digital knowledge management platform, owned by Adl Consulting, which supports organizations in managing relations with decision makers in an effective, transparent and measurable way, also in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001.

 The software devoted to companies and associations connects and analyzes smart data and information that comes from inside and outside the company, allowing the storage, management and immediate use of strategic information for the management of stakeholders to ensure a collaborative business.

 The tool, digital and intuitive, first of all represents the opportunity for a managerial leap to maximize the impact of the network’s value and transform relational capital into assets available to the CEO and the company over time.

 The experience we have gained in these years, during which we have installed   KMIND® platform in our client companies, has allowed us to release and make visible the potential of #DigitalLobbying as a competitive factor for success.