Digital Lobbying talks about blockchain as possible models of governance

Adl Consulting’s Founding Partner and CEO, Claudio Di Mario claimed, at the opening of “How Blockchain is transforming businesses and institutions,” that the public affairs sector needs a profound transformation stemming from a change in mentality. The lobbying process must adopt a data-driven approach for a simple reason: what we cannot measure, we cannot improve.


Di Mario added that Adl Consulting has developed KMIND® and KMIND®4GOV, two digital knowledge management platforms for public affairs which are based on two assumptions: measurability and transparency. For Adl Consulting, the CEO concluded, it is essential to focus on the deep understanding of technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, due to their possible application to interest representation.


The objective of the event, organized at Adl’s headquarters, was to stimulate debate about which governance models are applicable to technology such as blockchain and what approach regulators will have to adopt. The conference was moderated by Stefano Consonni, public affairs advisor at Adl Consulting and President of IDeal – Organization for Digital Politics.


Andrea Bellacicca, physicist and blockchain and artificial intelligence programmer said in his speech that there are many blockchains. You must choose the blockchain that best meets the objectives of the institution in which you want to apply it. He claimed blockchain solves many problems by reducing costs due to mediation and creating a secure system between parties. As for governance, two blockchain models have substantially established themselves: “permissionless” and “permissioned.” The latter is usually the one used by companies.


Customizations are possible in the permissioned blockchain. Each “node” within the blockchain network can be given a specific role which allows companies to make transactions between two nodes without the whole network knowing about it.


The conference was attended by many other important figures including Alessandra Santacroce, Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs IBM Italy; Daniele Savarè, Payments Service Line Director SIA SpA; Laura Cappello, Blockchain Core President; Michele Faioli, CNEL expert advisor and author of numerous essays on the blockchain; Manuel Tuzi, Deputy M5S and Massimo Ungaro, Deputy PD. This gathering demonstrates Adl’s desire to learn how to best transform the public affairs sector with the help of experts in relevant fields.