Advocacy & Lobbying

We support the Client in defining integrated offline and online communication strategies aimed at enhancing their image and strengthening their positioning towards stakeholders and institutions.

Our Services:

– Strategic advice aimed at defining integrated communication plans that consistently involve traditional tools and those related to the world of new media
– Creation of social media strategies (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube”
– Study and analysis of profiles, creation of an editorial plan, support for content creation
– Support in the handling of “crisis management” on social profiles

– Design, concept and organization of events, ranging from international summits to institutional events
– CEO branding: professional image analysis, benchmarking and positioning within the sector market. Identification of the map of interest stakeholder and creation of a personal branding strategy. Support for the drafting of editorial plans and web contents

– Drafting of reports, analyzes, surveys and quantitative and qualitative research carried out also through interviews with specific reference samples